Givenchy's Yeti : Riccardo Tisci

Riccardo Tisci gives a nice touch to the couture pieces day by day.Above you see some of the pieces(very last 2 photo) from collection which remind me the mythological creature Yeti with its big body with full of furs. Beside that love this Italian man,especially whole concept takes me to the small villages in Turkey where you can find that kind of heavy labour on clothes(we call 'bindalli' for that special dress actually kind of kaftan) at 'henna nights'.This also a bit tradition thing in Italian villages as well.


I don't say those clothes are very similar but labour on both couture's(to me bindalli is kind of couture as well) deeply needs same effort,time and patience.So i guess Tisci's inspiration comes from his roots.
What do you Reckon?

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