Couture?It is Elie Saab

I m sorry but i can t imagine a couture show without E.S!He has this magical touch to the fabrics,look at the prints!!I m telling you almost every piece has a possibility to be a red carpet dresses!!If you ask me who would like to design your wedding dress?Straight away i would answer not Vera Wang not Valentino,it has to be Elie!!!!!!i know i need lots of money but this my dream rite?
According to , before the show Elie said : "If a woman doesn't want 'rich,' she doesn't come to couture." He meant the general concept and idea of couture for sure,but chiffon doesn t need rich it is ok with how it is,so the importance is how you shape and print it i guess.
Anyway i like his aspects of fashion,love whatever comes out from him.

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