My New Addiction : Désordre

Goshh..a few weeks ago this superb lovely store has opened near by my place and now i m addicted to drop by their store almost everyday!!!They have many different designer in their store such as Aje(my fav.!!!),Ellery,Lilya,Seventh Wonderland,Fernando Frisoni,Kimberly Ovitz,We are Handsome,Maurie & Eve(brilliant!),Stolen Girlfriends Club,Natasha(love,love,love!!)),Story by Tang and many others..


They call themselves 'Travelling Boutique' which is very true 'cos when you walk in the store,the bright atmosphere holds your hand and takes you for a small trip through the different designer clothes.

Maurie&Eve : 



Below you see my favourite one, Aje !!

i chose that photo below from one of their style-shooting to show off my street :)))


What i am after is that little 'lilya' snowbird jacket!!

All photos from

Go and check out their blog and store,you ll love them!!


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  1. Désordre says:
    8 July 2010 at 5:43 pm

    Thanks for the shout out! x

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