illustration is here! Mark Ryden

After almost a year later, last nite i came across one of Mark Ryden's book in a small bookstore at Rocks which was shockingly beautiful as usual.How i met Mark Ryden' books was so funny.I was in Malaysia that time,i have to say young malaysians have strangely good drawing skills and there was this  very young girl(looks like she was about to attend one of very traditional Malay Wedding Ceremony) who was copying one of his works to her school notebook with a passion.That was the time Mark Ryden took my attention.
Whenever you look at his works there is something very unique about it.Something very abnormal but at the mean time very real and meaningful.It absorves you like you are in a dream tunnel and suddenly just kicks you out 'cos of its darkness of reality.You just wake up and see the facts.

love his ideas and how to face the world. Saint Barbie??genius!

adore this disturbing beauty!and also as you notice this man loves meat!!a good symbol how to see a human being without brain.
Mark Ryden

really respect him and his classical,sexy,weird,surreal,religion,taboo ideas and how to use the elements of popular American culture!one day i wish i could hang one of  his paintings on my bathroom wall.(love strange stuff on my bathroom i know it is weird!!)to visit his website here

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