Well,if you ask my addictions here we go in my list, he would be in top 3!!Today whole day i have been listening all Morrisey and The Smiths songs to figure out  my top 5 list but i haven t ended up with anything so far!!

I m still working out to customize the blog so i don t know  how can i add videos,but i will do it very soonish!Only because you should at least listen one of his songs  to understand me:)

i struggle to decide which songs i like most but i can say ''I m nOt Sorry'' is one of my favourite and gives a summary about what i have been feeling lately..

just you tube it,and get high with his voice:)

Bagimlilik feci bisi biliyorum..Ama benimkiler cok masumca:)Bugun deli gibi Morrisey gunu ilan ettim,bagira cagira tum sarkilara eslik ettim,konu komsuya kendimi rezil ettim:)

Hala elimde sevdigim en iyi 5 Morrisey sarkisi diye bir liste yok,kiyamiyorum ki hic birine:(

Ama bilmeyen duymayan varsa bir you tube diyarinda taratsin dinlesin,bana hak versin:)

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