J.CREW : USA ' s Mango

I suppose in many blogs you might already have seen J.Crew's new arrivals.You know how Mango,Zara,H&M is popular in Europe, J.crew has a same reputation in USA.They have plenty of outlets in each state just like Mango in Turkey(Almost every city you can come across one of their store).Anyway this is another story.I posted some of the good ones from my point of view.Apparently they really get influenced by street style more than ever.Bloggers make designers life much easier day by day..

J.Crew de yeni cicilerini gorucuye cikardi.Acikcasi Amerika'nin Mango'su benim gozumde ama sunu da soylemeden edemicem bu son defilede kiyafetleri de begendim.Cok iyi gozlemleyip,iyi saticak parcalar hazirlamislar.Benim begendiklerim yukarida,tum koleksiyon icin'a goz atin derim.

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