Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music/The girl w Ponytail.. is me

i have been feeling so weird since yesterday..didn t feel like go to work either gym.found myself digging my fav movies in my fav fab dvd shop,took the basket filled up all the dvd's then sat down my absolutely fav corner(beside the Clark Gable,below the Sophia Loren poster) started to take notes why i love them..then remembered some old memories from back home and travels..felt so lost..started to cry..the old man (who is -bloody amazing,smart&hilarious- owner of the shop)gave me cup of strawberry tea which made just felt rite suddenly..

Then we started to listen Roxy Music..talked about Bryan Ferry,how fab he is..why i luv him more than David Bowie..etc etc..
he said something that i heard before and  ve never forgotten..blowed my mind,felt like ive been through all this chaotic life before and having my dejavu's right now..

i m not in the mood for even writing..
just wanna thanks bryan ferry,the old fella,once upon a time i was madly,deeply,truely fell in love with a guy who i miss insanely..

'Shake your hair girl with your ponytail
Takes me right back ..'

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