JUMPOLOGY by Philippe Halsman

Today i was at Kinokuniya to check out the latest books and magazines and of course i spent more than 4 hours!!i chose the books&magazines carefully,fought with a japanese girl to take over my favorite spot  and then Ilkin in Wonderland :)I came across Halsman's Unknown again after almost a year,last time i checked out this book was in Indonesia!!How time flies !!

Kinokuniya yolunu tuttum,biliyodum birkac saatimin gidecegini ama degdi!!Super dergiler,kitaplar karistirdim,satin aldim.Halsman'in bu Unknown'undan zor ayrildm o ayri.Off hic mi indirime girmez,nasi veriyim simdi $213 ??ama o da olcak bir gun:)

I wanna get this edition indeed,only problem is if i wanna go back to Turkey,what the hell am i going to do with all those books?i don t know how many i have!also i've spent a fortune so far!However,all worth it!!

E yani Turkiye'ye donmeye karar verirsem yandm,kac tane ciltli kitabim var bilmiyorum 2 bavul ne kadar aliyorsa iste:)

Well, Philippe Halsman is Latvian-American  born in 1906 .In 1928, Halsman went on a hiking expedition with his father, who fell and died from severe head injuries. Against his claims of innocence, Halsman was sentenced to four years in prison for murder. Due to the intervention of Albert Einstein and Thomas Mann, Halsman was released early, but only on condition that he leaves Austria forever. He fled to France, where he began a successful fashion photography career with Vogue, but was forced to run again when the Nazis invaded in 1940.Then Life magazine and Elizabeth Arden changed his life.He became famous after his Jump portraits.

Efenim,Philippe amcamiz tee 1906 da Fenerbabce kurulmadan once dogmus..Gormus gecirmis,babasini oldurmekle suclanmis,4 sene hukum giymis Avusturya'yi terketmesi halinde serbest birakilmistir.Fransa'ya kacmis,Vogue benim Life magazin senin Dali onun demis baslamistir kariyerine.Bir de milleti ziplatmistir yerinden dunyada sallanmistir:) 

 Halsman had 101 Life covers to his credit when he died in 1979 by photograph jumping people. In 1959, he published Philippe Halsman’s Jump Book (above), which contained  178 photographs of celebrity jumpers.

Halsman and Marilyn Monroe


Artist and curator Edward Steichen

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Brigitte Bardot

John Steinbeck

Audrey Hepburn

Grace Kelly


1948 - Dali Atomicus

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